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Why did I start a blog journal?

TL;DR for fun!

Honestly, I created a blog simply because I enjoy coding and tinkering with software tools. But this isn't what I told myself as I was searching for a cool blogging platform that did exactly what I wanted. I told myself that I should start a blog, and I rationalized that I needed a blog for lots of reasons. A few of the salient ones were:

  • I own!
  • I build websites for a living!
  • I am a great writer!
  • I need to showcase my portfolio!
  • I want a personal presence on the Internet!

I feel especially driven by that last one. I am very privacy-focused (🤔 I should go into detail about that in a future post), having deleted my Facebook account back in 2015 or so. Since then I haven't used Instagram, Twitter or any other public social platform much. But I have times when I want to participate in the public discourse. So I'm using my blog to do that. And I'm calling it a journal because I don't like the word blog.

Also, I like writing. I've been told a few times by my professors, colleagues, friends and family that they like my writing. But I don't recall ever choosing to write something for my own sake. It's usually technical documents and explainers. And unlike coding, I never made writing a hobby and never did it outside of work, although I enjoy it. So my journal is a way for me to exercise that writing muscle, and maybe I'll build an audience along the way.

I don't want these posts entries to get too long, and I can feel a great number of things coming to mind that I want to write about in the future. So I'll wrap this one up here.

Thanks for reading!